Fun diversion safes

These make a great gag gift, I think, especially for a student just moving off to college or for grandparents who are going to travel coast to coast in their RV or boat. You need to safely stash your valuables after all, but may not have a good place to hide them. And what use is a safe if a thief can just walk away with it? 

These are small enough for use in any space, whether it’s a dormitory or a camping ground. Their genius is in their common look: the idea is that most thieves will simply overlook them. Keep your jewelry and cash safe!

More diversion safes and cheap burglar deterrents!

   Fake 7up can that you can hide your valuables in. Great for fun and games as well as college. 
   This is also a diversion safe, but then with a household theme: They’re made from genuine product containers and will help you hide valuables in plain sight in your RV or boat. 
   Made to look just like a shaving cream can. 
   Less classic, but for the Dr. Pepper fan (or perhaps for someone who hates it, so they don’t mistake their valuables for their drink). 
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