Sikh Books for Children

Journey with the Gurus sikh book kidsChildren have a great ability to absorb new ideas and thoughts. Therefore, it makes sense to instill Sikh Values in kids from the very beginning.

The noble principles of Sikhism – One God, Equality among human beings, meditation, living honestly and working hard, and sharing, specially with those who are in need – will give all children a strong character, which will help them lead an honest and productive life.

Featured below are useful books which will help kids and teens know more about the Sikh faith and strengthen their connection to Ik Omkaar. Please help improve this collection with your suggestions and recommendations about books which can be added.

Shown above: Journey with the Gurus (Volume 1)

Famous Sikh Gurus ( Amar Chitra Katha Comics )

This 5 in 1 comic book introduces children to the lives of Guru Nanak and his successors. Amar Chitra Katha Comics have done a marvelous job of promoting Sikhism by bringing out a series of Comics dedicated to Sikh Gurus and important events in their lives. Nice way to have fun and learn good values at the same time.

Recommended For : Children between 4 and 8 years of age, and all comic lovers. 

Sikh Gurdwaras (Let’s Find Out about)

Help your young children learn more about the Sikh place of worship. Sikh Gurdwaras has beautiful photographs and explains general features of a Gurdwara and how and why the building is used by the Sikh community. Also includes a world map which shows areas where Sikhs live and practice the religion.

Recommended For : Children between 4 and 8 years of age.

The Potter’s Donkey: And Other Sikh Stories (Stories to Remember)

Written by two teachers – Lynne Broadbent and John Logan – The Potter’s Donkey contains thought provoking stories which highlight the basic principles of Sikhism. Read the stories aloud to your kids during the bed time and help them learn and enjoy. Beautiful illustrations add to the beauty of the book.

Recommended For : Children between 4 and 8 years of age.  

SikhNet Stories for Children Coloring Book: Volume 1

Finally a Sikh Coloring Book for Kids! Weren’t we waiting for this offering for a long long time? Over 30 beautiful illustrations with Sikh themes – your kids will have a whale of a time coloring them. Grab a copy today!

Recommended For : Children between 4 and 8 years of age. 

Sikh Stories (Traditional Religious Tales)

Nice book for kids who are able to read without supervision. It has beautiful illustrations and introduces the young inquisitive minds to major religious events in the history of Sikhism through stories. Accompanied by fact boxes that provide background and supplementary information on Sikhism.

The first of my recommendations for pre-teens – and it too has a good amazon rating (based on one review)

Recommended For : Children between 9 and 12 years of age.  

Journey with the Gurus (Volume 1 and 2)

This is another storybook about the Sikh Guru Nanak Sahib. His life is retold in 10 stories that take the reader back in time. Reviewers add that this is, unlike other storybooks about Guru Nanak Sahib, a storybook that caters to the American (and Western) reader. What’s hard to understand about his life is explained and the culture gap between India and the West crossed.

This is also one of the few books I could find on Sikhism aimed at kids that had actual Amazon reviews. And the reviews are good!

for children ages 7 and up

SikhNet Stories for Children – Volume 1

Sikh Net is a well known and respected source of online information on Sikhism. They have branched out to publication, which is great news for Sikhs all over the world. These stories about Sikh history are great for children as well as adults. Enjoy them with your family!

Recommended For : Children between 9 and 12 years of age.

My Sikh Year (A Year of Religious Festivals)

Beautiful book presented in the form of a child’s diary. Gives information on Sikh festivals celebrated around the year. Help your child learn more about Vaisakhi, Hola Mohalla, Diwali, and other Sikh Festivals.

Recommended For : Children between 9 and 12 years of age.  

Guru Nanak: The First Sikh Guru

Guru Nanak, born over 5 centuries ago, traveled extensively to spread his message of peace and love. Follow him from the lofty Himalayas to the sea bound nation of Sri Lanka, and from Mecca to Tashkent. Beautiful illustrations in the Indian miniature painting tradition make this book a real treat for the eyes.

Recommended For : Children between 9 and 12 years of age.  

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