Sikh Books for Teenagers and Young Adults

Teens are an interesting age when it comes to religion and spirituality. They’re starting to ask questions about the meaning of life, their place in the world, ethnicity, the existence of God, priorities in life etc. These metaphysical and social questions can often be answered through religion and if there is a family background of Sikhism, this will often be the logical place to start. However, teens are also, especially if pushed, quite capable of deciding that this religion thing is nonsense. My advice is to make it clear that the information is there, but not to push them into taking it on. 

If your teen or young adult is interested in Sikhism, the following recommended books may be helpful. 

Shown above: The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms

Sikh Religion

This is a great resource to learn about the fundamentals of Sikhism. Know about the Gurus and their teachings. Sikh Religion is published by the Sikh Missionary Center of Arizona has been appreciated even by intellectuals! A must read for all Sikhs and those who are interested in knowing more about this great faith.  

The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms

This book presents a dazzling array of objects ranging from paintings and textiles to ceramic tiles, metalwork, books, decorative arts and photography. Surely a treat for all art lovers. Explore the rich artistic tradition of Sikhism. Especially recommended for artistic teen girls and boys with an interest in India and Sikhism.  

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