Best Soft Building Blocks for Toddlers

Babies and toddlers love to throw things, nibble and drool on them. When they’re toddlers, they will also start being able to stack them (not always neatly of course). Toddlers will explore their senses, and will learn about texture, how things work in the real world and the basics of geometry from a practical perspective. As in: this triangle doesn’t fit in that square.

Throwing things around trains their muscles, as well as their coordination. They’ll need both to get around in the world. Building blocks for toddlers won’t generally teach them anything about construction yet (though there are always exceptions), but being fun and manageable they will learn all kinds of things while playing with them. There are, from the toddler’s perspective, basically two kinds: the kind you can throw and the kind you can hide behind. Both are excellent playtime material. Building Blocks are a nice tool to awaken creativity and color and shape recognition in the Toddlers. Their young brains are encouraged to create new combinations, and they sure do love the encouragement, when they make something new. Young Kids have special needs. Building Blocks for Grade Schoolers, Tweens, and Teens are not suitable for them in most cases due to the small size of individual pieces, hard material with sharp edges, and the level of complexity involved.

Non-Toxic 80 Piece Non-Recycled Quality foam Wonder Blocks: Soft, Quality, Waterproof, Safe & Quiet

The Soft Building Blocks featured on this page are suitable for kids between the ages of three and six. Gift them one or more of these sets, and inspire them to be Master Builders this Christmas.
As I said: what your toddler is most likely to do with any toys you buy for them at this stage is grab them, chew on them and drool on them. That’s just where they’re at. These two sets are built with that in mind: the material is safe and non-toxic.

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks – 645 customer reviews  on Amazon, mostly 5 stars

These are the right size for your toddler to play with while sitting in their seat at the table. They’ll work for babies too: great to grab and drool on.

Your toddler will like the colors and shapes and you can start teaching them the words for both.

Soft Toddler Blocks – For toddler boys and girls aged 2 and 3 years old

These are almost a foot high (5.5 inches), which means they’re perfect for building a wall to hide behind. At first you’ll probably be the one building, but your toddler will love the hiding. As they get better at coordinating their hands and feet (not to mention, avoiding falling over), they will likely start building their own hut. And that in turn is a great place to play with dolls, cars etc.

Smart Monkey Toys 24 piece Giant Rainbow Block set

Smart Monkey Toys for babies, toddlers and older kids as well. How well I remember how four kids and one unconventional male baby sitter had fun with a large long cushion. Ages? 7 through 14. We named it, we fought for it… These building blocks are big enough for similar fun, though of course your children (boys and girls) might use them more conventionally: to build and play house for instance.  

Verde Color Wood Foam Blocks – 100 pc.  

Big Soft Plush and Foam Building Blocks for Babies and Toddlers

Build them up and knock them down. These soft blocks are perfect for hands-on exploration of the geometric world. Assorted block shapes in primary colors enhance your child’s coordination, gross motor skills, and shape recognition.

Recommended for all ages so unleash the architect in your child.

More Christmas Softies for Young Kids

There are thousands of Soft Building Blocks available for children. Showcasing them all on one page is certainly not possible.
I have highlighted a few more of the Top Choices below. I sincerely hope they’ll make your Christmas Toy shopping experience – a more enjoyable one.

We had loads of blocks in our house

My mom is a trained child psychologist. She had two big boxes in our house: one full of lego blocks, the other full of wooden blocks. It was great: the blocks didn’t all fit, but that didn’t matter, we made them into all kinds of buildings anyhow. With one grand child coming up, I do wonder if she still has them all lying around.

As kids we also loved climbing trees. We had three trees in our back yard. I had on favorite branch, not too far above the ground and my brother climbed all the way up. The other day he shared that he was always trying to figure out if he could climb that third tree. And the conclusion was always that – no, it could not be done. My brother was a very thoughtful kid, so there was no chance of him falling. Just of him sitting there high up in the tree and thinking about climbing further. Thankfully.

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  1. My boys played a lot with blocks. They owned a set of ordinary, plain wooden blocks and used them extensively and they played with a friend’s set of those rainbow blocks. There was something special about the size of them. Having “big” blocks means you could build walls, rooms, etc. that you could go into.

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