Toddler Gifts for Boys 2018

Are you looking for some toddler gifts for boys? There really are so many fun toys that can encourage a toddler (a child aged 1, 2 or 3) to pretend play and develop his dexterity and motor skills. Boys seem to naturally be drawn to vehicle toys so they are a good option when looking for something to give to a young boy. Have you ever noticed that if you should place a doll and a truck and tell your little boy to pick one, he will almost always go for the truck? Don’t worry if it’s the other way around: we need men with social skills as well 🙂 

Shown here: A Storage Container, dinosaur style, suitable for 3 year olds and up.

As a toddler he is beginning to learn his shapes, sounds, numbers and colors so toys that encourage activities for him to play and learn at the same time are always good. Some toys are battery operated and some use that good old fashioned “kid” power which is good because that encourage actively moving around with the toy. Musical toys are also very good for toddler boys and girls. Some children learn best while hearing a “beat” or rhythm to what they are being taught. While others need to hear instruction, some need to see it and eventually some need to read to learn. Right now at the toddler phase, they are beginning to develop those learning styles while they play.

Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane

Little boys can begin to learn about high and low while enjoying the flashing lights, sing along songs, sounds and talking as they play with this toy airplane. When he spins the wheel of the plane the three little people wiggle and wobble around for additional fun.

Toddler Boys Love Airplanes

Even the smallest of children are fascinated with the concept of flight. Toddler boys can learn about high and low and enjoy sing along songs, the lights, sounds produced and the talking of the airplane. Includes three little people: Mia, Roberto and a pilot who wobble and wiggle as the wheel spins. Pretend flying is made easy with a handle for the toddler to use.

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Puzzles With Toddlers In Mind

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Knob Wooden Farm Puzzle

Puzzles are an awesome toy to provide for a toddler to play with. As they learn to place the correct shape in the correct place their little fingers get some practice in dexterity. The hand to eye coordination improves and they can successfully perform a simple task.

Learning through puzzles

Like construction toys, puzzles are great for developing motor control – that is, the ability to hold something and manipulate it towards the spot where you want it to go. The main differences: a puzzle is also an intellectual exercise with clearly defined parameters. You may not think it is challenging to figure out where the pieces go in these toddler puzzles, but for your toddler it’s all still new.

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Drool and pretend play

Plush toys are great for small children. They are safe to hold, chew and drool on, but they also give your child their first chance at pretend play. And that sets the stage for social and emotional development later on. It also helps them develop creativity that will stand them in good stead as they try and navigate the world. Later on they will likely play with other children, creating whole storylines. For now, that’s probably not yet an option. However, what they’re learning as toddlers does prepare for that.

Soft building blocks have this advantage over Duplo that they are drool and teething friendly. Your toddler can stack them without having to be too precise in how that works.

61JShHbtKbL._SL1000_On the road a Tegu Magnetic Block set is just the thing. Kids of all ages love them and the magnetic properties help keep it all together a bit. A small travel bag is included. 

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier

Constructed with wood instead of plastic this toy car carrier with four cars will stand the test of time and rough play for your toddler. The cars can be placed on either of the two levels on the truck trailer and can also be “driven” around his make believe streets. No batteries are needed for this kid safe toy, he gets to move them around with his own hands while crawling around the room or playing on a table. 

Hohner 5 Piece Toddler Music Band

Kids love to make their own music. This wonderful set allows them to make it with five different instruments. It includes a xylophone, a wave drum, three shapes with bells and beads. He can learn what the different sounds of music sound like.

Even the youngest of toddlers can shake something to make music, they can rattle it to make a sound and they quickly learn to thump it to make a different sound. While making their special kind of music the toddler also learns about cause and effect.

Music is all around us as adults and children. Some music is produced intentionally while nature produces its own type of music. Teaching a child an appreciation of music is a healthy activity. Letting them dance and sing to the beat of the music they make themselves is even more important. Some children will inherently learn better when they are taught with sound and most specifically the beat of music. Do you recall a child in one of your classrooms that always had to be tapping their fingers or a pencil on their desk? They were not doing that to be annoying, it was a part of their learning style.

tikes-guitarLittle Tikes Pop Tunes Guitar

Let him pretend to be a rock star with his own guitar. There are 5 pre-recorded songs that will play. The shoulder strap adjusts to fit his little body as it grows. The pick guard lights up. The guitar requires 3 AA batteries that are included with your purchase. He will hear songs like: ABC, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, B-I-N-G-O and Yankee Doodle.

Green Toys Fire Truck

He can play with this fire truck indoors or outdoors. The ladder moves up and down and also pivots a complete 360 degrees. There are two ladders on the side of the truck that can be removed and put back in place. No worries about metal pieces as even the axles of the truck are plastic. Imaginative play at its very best.

What to give a boy of three years

Do you have a 3 year old boy on your gift list this year? Lucky you! Three year old children are so much fun to play with, don’t you think? They have reached a level where they love to explore things while they play and their playtime is not as easily interrupted by outside factors now.

That is due to them having the ability to concentrate on the task at hand better than they could at two. The three year old thinks things through in a more methodical manner and can solve problems easier at this age. He is also able to move around easier than at the toddler stage and his dexterity allows him to better play with smaller objects like puzzle pieces.

So what are some great gifts to give a boy who is now 3? Follow me down this page and I will give you some delightful ideas that are perfect for the holidays or his birthday.


A Storage Container, dinosaur style

Oh this isn’t just any old storage container, no sir! This is really a cool item for boys to have. At first glance it appears to be a colorful box to keep toys in but there is much more to it. The sides zip and unzip to create a play mat that is perfect for the little guy who has a passion for dinosaurs. It will lay flat on the floor so that he can imagine walking around with his favorite dinosaur toys. When he is done, the sides fold up and zip together to form a great looking container for him to keep his toys in. Looks awesome in his room and helps encourage him to be neat by placing his toys in one place instead of scattered all over the floor.

battat take apart car

A Vehicle To Take Apart

By the time your little guy is 3 years old, he is probably enthralled with vehicles of different types. This wonderful toy looks like a 4X4 type vehicle that he can take apart and put back together. I mentioned earlier that his problem solving skills have improved quite a bit and he will be able to figure out where the pieces all go. Well, maybe not the first time, he may need some help but before you know it he will have it all figured out.

His fingers have developed enough that he will be able to pick up and hold the pieces as he works to build his car or take it apart.

Toy Vehicles Provide Pretend Playing Fun For Toddler Boys

Providing toy vehicles is a fun way to encourage pretend play for a toddler boy. He can pretend to drive a school bus, a fire truck, a dump truck or operate a dump truck.

You will need 2 AA batteries for the drill to work.


Chutes And Ladders With A Twist

I can just about bet that you remember playing the game Chutes and Ladders when you were a child. Three is a perfect time to introduce easy board games like this. There is no reading involved and there is a pretty good chance that a child will be able to win even if they are the youngest member playing. What I like about this version is that the characters are Super Heroes that he will probably recognize. He may even already have a favorite like Spiderman, Iron Man or Captain America. There are eight characters that are a part of the game.


Is he a little fisherman?

If his Dad or Grandpa fish, chances are he will want to give it a try. He might be a little young to take out on the boat for a real fishing adventure but he can certainly start to get the feel of the basics with this play set. The fish are fairly easy to “catch” with the rod and reel. They have magnets so that when they come in contact he experiences getting a fish to bite. He will have a vest to wear and a tackle box to carry. There is also an activity book with fish themed things to do. He will work on his hand-eye coordination and begin to work on color and size matching skills.


Help him develop his printing skills

I love this toy for three year old children! On their own they are beginning to be able to scribble some things on paper. They are most probably holding the pencil, crayon, or marker with their fingers instead of with their fist. It will take some practice for him to be able to make recognizable letters, numbers and characters. The Leap Frog unit helps them by allowing them to trace the letters and numbers on the pad. Both upper case and lower case letters are provided but there are also shapes and pictures that they can trace. He will also get words of encouragement as he does his doodling. The unit required 3 AA batteries to operate.

What else can a Toddler boy of 1, 2 or 3 do?

Well, it depends on your child but for the most part there are several predictable stages that he will conquer or has already conquered at age three. One thing to remember is that each child is unique and will develop at different rates. There are some things that you will start to notice that he can do or will soon do, though.

You have probably noticed that he not only has a large vocabulary but he is able to carry on a conversation now. His verbal skills will continue to improve and he is more likely to be able to give the correct pronunciation of words he could not get just right a year ago. Gifts that encourage learning new words and conversation are always a good idea. He most likely also understands that books have words in them and that the words are combined to tell a story. He is better equipped to follow the stories and understand the meanings of them at this age.

Simple puzzles can be worked by a three year old child and he can probably count to at least five. He also likes to categorize items as being the same or different. Games and toys to encourage practice in these areas make wonderful gifts.

41+6pZyEmNLTrains Are Popular With Toddlers

With so many TV shows geared to the toddler audience having trains in them, boys and girls both have a love for trains. Giving the toddler boy a small train set for him to use his growing imagination with will provide hours of fun for him.

Toy Tool Box For Toddler Boys

Toy Tools Can Help With Cognitive Development

There are twenty-four pieces to this wonderful and fun toy for toddler boys to enjoy. He can work with a hammer or a screwdriver and learn about nails, screws and bolts while he pretends to build things at home.

In the early ages of toddlerhood, these toy tools might help with the child being able to pick them up and learn the names. As they grow they begin to learn the tasks associated with the pretend tools and by the time they are at the end of being a toddler they have developed skills that involve more complex tasks. Toy tools are a really awesome idea for toddler boys.

Toddler Laptop

toddler-laptopVTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop

Let your toddler pretend to do computer tasks with a toy laptop. He will have three modes to work in: learning shapes, learning common objects and about music and feelings. The keyboard interacts with the light-up screen and the mouse is made for smaller hands to operate easily.

Top Toys For Boys Aged 1 to 3 Years

Are you looking for toys for toddler boys? You might need a gift for his birthday or perhaps it is a holiday gift. Paying attention to age appropriate toys for young boys is recommended.

A toddler (who is between the ages of 1 to 3 years of age) is not only growing physically by leaps and bounds but he is also developing socially and emotionally so toys that assist him in those areas are always a great idea. This is also a time when he is learning to complete tasks from very simple to a little more complex.

Finding toys that help him in this cognitive development are also most useful in his overall skill level but they are fun for him to play with, too.

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