Best Advanced Lego Sets For Adults

So many adults of today grew up building with Lego bricks and now they have children or even grandchildren who love to play with the plastic bricks, too. The sets of today are much more detailed than the ones that you grew up with, I am sure. Lego designers and engineers have created sets that not only will appeal to adults due to the theme but also offer a challenge in the building to keep an grown up interested.

Most of the best advanced sets do seem to be targeted to the male population although there is no reason why a woman can’t build one of these sets, too. Perhaps we can look forward to some advanced sets that cater to a more feminine theme but are just as challenging since Lego has started to produce more sets to appeal to young girls, though I would personally have loved the architecture sets shown below.

Shown above is the Fallingwater, a cultural heritage site and a complicated set suitable for adult Lego fans.

Lego Mindstorms – robots for adults and 16+ teens

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547) At first glance one thinks that they will be building a Lego robot and you do build the robot but there is a huge difference in this set. Once built the robot can move, see, speak and even feel. It has a microcomputer brick and intuitive programming software. You will also need to purchase separately 6 AA/LR6 batteries to operate the robot once built. The company recommends this set for 10 years and up although I would think that most 10 year olds would need an adult to help with the build and programming.

10109484_f260Lego Star Wars Death Star II 

This just may be the ultimate in the Lego sets for adults. There are 3417 pieces to build a replica of the Star Wars Death Star II. Adults who have completed the build say that it was the most challenging of all the Lego sets that they have worked on. It is a large piece measuring about 25 inches in diameter so you will need to have in mind where you will place it before you complete the final build. Several people have said that it took them a few weeks to complete.

LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221

Fans of Star Wars Will Love This Set – Many pieces are required to build

Open the box to find 3152 pieces that will come together to build the Super Star Destroyer from the popular science fiction movies Star Wars. This is not your tiny little building set, folks. Once completed the ship will measure over 4 feet. Now that is impressive and is sure to be a real challenge for even the most advanced builder of Legos.

LEGO TECHNIC Tow Truck (8285) 

Advanced builders will work with design and engineering principles during the building of this Tow truck. Once built the boom actually telescopes up and down. When the wheel is turned you can actually see the pistons move in te V6 engine. This is no small truck once it is built as it measures 26 inches long.

Lego Architecture – truly a challenge!

LEGO Tower Bridge #10214 

I have heard some Adult Fans Of Legos (AFOL) say that this set is one of the most difficult ones that they have built. Recommended for the over 16 crowd of builders this set replicates one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The Tower Bridge has spanned across the River Thames since 1894 and with 1204 pieces you can display it in your home or office.

Once completed the piece will be 40 inches long (that is over 3 feet!), 17 inches tall and 10 inches wide so make sure you are going to have a space that will accommodate its size. The little vehicles included in the box are small but actually very much to scale for the rest of the structure.

Recommended for 16 years of age and older this set uses just over 1200 pieces to build the Tower Bridge in amazing detail. The people at Lego designed this set with advanced building techniques so that adults would enjoy the challenge. It also has rare colors to help in its uniqueness and there are some building elements not found in many of the Lego sets. Once built this is no small bridge, it measures 40 inches in length and stands 17 inches tall.

Toys for grown ups are always a fun gift to give to a man or woman on your gift list. If they were a fan of Legos when they were children they are going to love using these building blocks to make detailed buildings, vehicles and other fun things with the Lego models and sets of today.

The ever popular plastic building blocks in the Lego brand are not just for kids, anymore. The person on your gift list that still loves to play with toys is going to be amazed at how much detail is included in these Best Lego Sets for Adults if they are not already familiar with them. They will spend some fun filled hours building a set and will want to display their model building or vehicle somewhere in their home or office, I am sure. You do not have to worry that the sets are too difficult because Lego has really easy and detailed instructions included in each set.

Did You Know?

Ole Kirk started making the plastic building bricks that we now call Legos back in 1949? He called them “automatic binding bricks” back then.


A LEGO Set For Fans Of Architecture

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (21004)

This LEGO set is a perfect gift for fans of incredible architecture or someone who lives in New York City. Although people who are fans of Frank Lloyd Wright will also love this set of building blocks for adults. The detail replicates the actual building that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959. The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum is truly a landmark structure in the city of New York and once it is assembled it would make a dramatic statement for any shelf or desk that a person who has put it together will be proud to display.

Included in the box is a booklet that offers factual information about the actual building, the construction of it and some interesting history of the building.

The LEGO set includes 208 building bricks to attach together to replicate this structure in magnificent detail. The model when completed will stand slightly over 4 inches tall and sits on a black and gray base with a width of 5.6 inches and a depth of 3 inches.

Recommended for ages 10 years old and older.

lego-architecture-fallingwaterAn Architectural Difficult Legos Set

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)

A replication of the famous home called Fallingwater that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright can present a nice challenge for adult and teen fans of these little plastic bricks. It may not be as difficult to build as the original home built in 1935 and 1936 but it will prove to be a difficult set to put together with its 811 pieces.

For Those Who Want A Multi-piece Challenge – LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower 1:300

Wow, there are 3428 pieces to this set to recreate the famous structure in Paris, the Eiffel tower. Based on the original blueprints this set will take at least 10 hours to build but my goodness when it is finished it is really something. The tower will stand about 42 inches tall once you have added that last brick piece. Recommended for any Lego fan that is aged 16 or over.


For The Car Enthusiast

Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

Oh goodness! Don’t you just love this trip down memory lane with a VW bus to build? With 1322 pieces this set is amazing! So much detail with moving parts like the back door that opens to reveal an engine that is incredible in its detail. The side doors open to show the many features that you build and accessorize like benches and a table to eat on, a sink and little curtains hanging at the windows. This a a really fun and challenging set for fans over the age of 16.

If your toy loving adult is also into vintage and classic cars, this LEGO set is perfect for them! It is a replica of a 1962 Volkswagen Camper Van that was affectionately referred to as a “VW Bus” back in the day. Oh the parties that were held in a camper just like this one, but I digress.

The building blocks do not just create the outside of the automobile, either. Oh no, the doors open and close to top pops up and the detail of the features of the outside of this popular van are just remarkable. It does not stop there, though. The inside detailing is just as spectacular with window fabric, a front and back bench seat, a table, a closet, and even the rounded dashboard.

Not only will the person you give this to be proud that they built it, they will most assuredly display prominently on a shelf or desk where they can look at it often!

The attention to detail in this Lego set building a replica of a Volkswagen Camper Van is amazing! There are over 1300 bricks and accessories pieces in the set. The engine is not only built but then easily viewed from a rear door that opens. Plaid textile curtains to hang in the windows and other items that make this a fun item for adults to build and then display.

Suggested for ages 16 years and older.


Lord Of The Rings Lego Set

LOTR, The Battle of Helm’s Deep (9474)

The fans of J R R Tolkien’s book and the movies from The Lord Of The Rings will absolutely love a LEGO building set showing a scene from the novel and films. This particular set depicts the Battle at Helms Deep and is incredible in its detail.

LOTR fans will know that this particular battle in Middle Earth involved Aragorn, Gimli, King Theoden and Haldir trying to keep the Uruk-hai army from infiltrating the walls of the fortress.

The set has so much detail that it could take you four hours or more to build it, but once you do it will be a treasure for certain.

This set has 1,368 pieces and is broken down into 4 instruction books. When completed the structure will be about 20 inches wide and 9 inches tall at its tallest point. It includes 8 figures, weapons, and the all important Horn of Helm Hammerhead.

Recommended for ages 10 years old and older.


You Can Build An Entire City with LEGO

NY Green Grocer Building, a doll house made out of Lego bricks

The Green Grocer is an amazing building to start a city with. It has 2300+ pieces and will take about 4 or 5 hours to build. There is a lot of detail to the building itself and several extras like chairs, street lamp, and a fire hydrant to name just a few. You also get four people to occupy your city along with a cat and a rat figure.

The building has apartments above and a movable fire escape ladder giving a realistic feel to the model when it is completed. Each apartment is filled with realistic details and there are enough mini-figures included to have occupants for each.

Get the person on your gift list started in creating their own Lego city, village or town. That is if they have not already started one. The buildings are just incredible in their detail and options for customizing. Some of the buildings even come with features that can be lit up.

Instead of a typical Holiday Village with resin or ceramic style buildings, it can be a tradition to set up a Lego Village during the Christmas season. Adding a building or two each year. There are all styles and types of buildings to choose from and you can have a retail district just like in a real city or town.

Recommended for ages 16 years old and older.

lego star wars super star destroyer

Legos For The Ultimate Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Super Star Destroyer (10221)

When completed the model of the Star Wars Super Star Destroyer is definitely not for little kids. Adults will be awed by it as it is about 50 inches long and weighs about 8 pounds.  This set is a perfect gift for your favorite Star Wars fan and collector.

Fans of the movies will remember that this particular space ship was the personal flagship of none other than Darth Vader. It was also the command ship in the Battle of Endor.

This grown up toy will be a treasured piece in the collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

With almost 3200 pieces this will take a while to assemble. Set includes 5 figures including Darth Vader. The center section is removable so that the detail of the command center is visible. There is a display stand and a data sheet label included, too. The instruction book is massive but easy to follow as with all Lego toy sets.

Recommended for ages 16 years of age and older.

Thank you for coming to look at my gift selection ideas for Lego sets for adults. As you can see these sets are so detailed and actually seem like works of art once they are assembled that they really are not so much for children to play with or even try to build. I really think that the company actually had us “kids at heart” in mind when they developed these grown up toys for us to enjoy. If you are like me, it is pretty amazing how the company has grown with detailed replicas of buildings, cars, airplanes, ships and assorted other models that are fun to have around and to build. These are not the Legos of your childhood.

Difficult Lego Sets For Teens And Adults

We have reached a time where we have more than one generation that love to build things with the popular plastic bricks that used to be just for kids. Adults and teens look for more challenging Lego sets that they can work on in their spare time. Fortunately for those of us who still love to build interesting creations the company has come out with several sets that have many pieces that will appeal to people over 16. We can find sets that replicate world famous architecture, sets that build motorized items and ones that build a familiar prop from a movie like Star Wars. There is something for everyone that presents a challenge to build along with a level of difficulty that keeps us interested (and sometimes a little frustrated) as we watch the piece come together.

Why do adults enjoy building Lego sets?

I’m sure there are many answers to that question but I think there are some rather common answers, too. First of all there is a bit of a nostalgic journey when an adult or teen sits down to build a set with the familiar little plastic bricks that they played with as a child. In a way, we connect with the inner child in all of us.

I think many people also like the challenge of seeing a project that they can plan and see come to fruition. They recognize the challenge and enjoy seeing how long it will take to finish the project. There is an orderly and precise direction to follow in order to take those bags of pieces and make it into something very recognizable.

Of course once the difficult set has been finished there is the pride of being able to tell people that the adult or teen built it along with being able to say how long they devoted their time to getting if from the box to the display that they see now.

It is also a way for an adult to spend some quality time with a child by doing the project together. Although, I think some adults see it as a way to have some quiet adult time to just work on a hobby. It can actually be a little of both for many adults and people over the age of 16.

There is also the sense of having accomplished something artistic when maybe you don’t have a high aptitude for creating “art” from your own abilities and skills.

There are many reasons that an adult will choose to build a set from Lego but probably the most important one is that they find it a fun way to spend some time instead of sitting in front of a game console or watching television.

More inspiring Lego sets for grown ups!

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