Egyptian Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Are you looking for some Egyptian jigsaw puzzle games to give as a gift this year for Christmas? There are a few really nice ones available. The neat thing about working a puzzle featuring ancient Egypt rulers or pyramids is the educational value to adding to a child’s knowledge of history. Assembling puzzles improves a child’s fine motor skills and also enhances their picture recognition abilities. If working the jigsaw puzzle as a family it helps a child gain confidence in cooperative play. They can also work the puzzle on their own which promotes independent play and problem solving skills. A child or an adult can enjoy hours of sitting quietly building the puzzle one piece at a time. It is also a great exercise for a family to work on together. While looking for the right piece to place next there is time to talk about all sorts of things that will bond child and adult.

Egyptian King Tut Mask 1000-Piece Puzzle

Probably the most recognizable of the Egyptian Pharaohs, King Tut is replicated in this 1000 piece puzzle. Printed with vegetable based inks making it a non-toxic puzzle to work. The image is printed on blueboard which makes the pieces fit well and does not fray over time like the old jigsaw puzzles used to do.

Egyptians 1000-Piece Puzzle

Children and adults alike can delve into the history of Ancient Egypt from the periods from 2950 BC to 332 BC. Images of iconic rulers like Queen Cleopatra, Queen Nefertiti and Mask Of Pharaoh Tutankhamun are part of the jigsaw puzzle along with other images that will both delight and educate.

Egyptian Nefertari 1000-Piece Puzzle

The Egyptian Queen Nefertari follows behind the Goddess Isis in the image on this jigsaw puzzle. Both are familiar images when one thinks about ancient Egypt. Isis was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife along with being the patroness of nature and magic. Queen Nefertari was one of the many wives of Ramses II and was loved by those she ruled. Many monuments were built of this popular Queen.

Ravensburger Essence Of Egypt – Pyramid – 240 Pieces Puzzle

Don’t dismiss this puzzle because it only has 240 pieces because there is quite a challenge to putting this jigsaw puzzle together. Once it is together it will be a 3D example of an Egyptian pyramid. The pieces are numbered on the back to assist in putting the puzzle together.

Mysteries of the Pyramids 300 Piece 3D Cork Jigsaw Puzzle

A different style of 3D jigsaw puzzle that also builds a pyramid. This 300 piece puzzle is printed on cork to make for an interesting adventure of building the puzzle.

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