Celtic Cross Jewelry – Irish inspiration

The Celtic Cross has inspired many pieces of jewelry throughout the centuries and today is no exception. Most jewelry of today is inspired by the High Crosses found in Ireland that in some cases pre-date Christianity. The Celts worshiped a Sun God and erected stone monuments known as a sun cross.
Some believe that St Patrick or possibly St Declan incorporated the cross of the Celts with the Christian cross to help convert the pagan Celts to the new faith. Newer high crosses were erected in Ireland during that time that elongated the cross to resemble the Christian cross more. Some are quite elaborate in the artwork that was incorporated into the design. The tallest High Cross in Ireland is 23 feet high and is located at Monasterboice in County Louth, Ireland.

Basic Celtic Cross pattern: a cross with a circle around it. There is some speculation in esoteric circles that the hands of the cross should not go outside the circle, but in practice they usually DO go outside the circle.

A true Celtic Cross will have the circle around the intersection of the cross, usually decorated with eternal knots. 

The ancient Celts used the circle as a symbol of the sun and had the cross inside of the circle. When the symbol was adopted by the early Christian faith it is believed that the circle was meant to symbolize the circle of life and in some cases the supremacy of God over the sun. The later crosses extended the base of the cross and gave the appearance that the cross was on top of the circle.

Although many associate the Celtic Cross with the Christian faith it is also recognized by Earth based faith systems that are more like the original Druids and other Celtic faith systems.

celtic-crossSterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace

An elegant necklace with a sterling silver pendant in the Celtic Cross design. The four tips of the cross have a scroll style design with open work to add to the elegance of the piece. Where the two pieces of the cross meet is the circle that makes it a Celtic Cross. The circle has a studded design that gives the illusion of diamond studs.

The necklace hangs on an 18 1/2 inch cable chain with a spring ring clasp. The cross measures slightly over 1 1/2 inches tall by not quite an inch wide. Small, delicate and a lovely gift for a woman of any age.

celtic-cross-knotLarge Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant

A larger Celtic Cross is perfect for men to wear or women who like larger pieces of jewelry. The sterling silver pendant has Celtic Knots worked into the over all design including the bail. The pendant is 2 inches long and about 1 1/4 inches wide. It does not come with a chain but it would look pretty awesome with a leather cord chain if it is for a man to wear or a heavier link chain. If this Celtic Cross pendant will be worn by a man, I suggest getting a chain that is 22 to 24 inches to accommodate a male’s larger neck size.

Celtic Cross Sterling Silver & Gold Earrings

A beautiful pair of dangling earrings celebrate both the High Crosses of Ireland and a Celtic heritage. Crafted with sterling silver (.925) with touches of 18 karat gold plating this pair combines a traditional emblem with modern design work. Created by world renowned silver artist Peter Stone these earrings are so elegant and would be prized by any woman who received them as a gift.

Sterling Silver and Marcasite Celtic Cross Drop Earrings

Drop earrings clip on to the earlobe so you do not have to have pierced ears to wear them. Made of sterling silver in Ireland these earrings sparkle from the addition of marcasite to the design. Inspired by the original Celtic Crosses still found in Ireland today.

Celtic Cross Bracelet For Women Or Men

A pewter cuff bracelet that can be worn by either males or females it is a generous 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The Celtic Cross is in the center and is decorated with elaborate Celtic knot style designs on each side of the cross. A nice example of the unity of nature that the ancient Celts celebrated in their faith.

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