What is the best Laptop Lap Desk?

Are you looking for a laptop lap desk to use for yourself or as a gift for someone? They really come in handy for those times that you want to sit on the sofa, watch a little television and use your laptop at the same time. Perhaps you like to work on your computing in the comfort of your bed but find having your computer on your lap gets a little warmer than you would like. Having a lapdesk to rest your device on helps keep that heat away from your legs and gives a more stable surface to work on.

Shown here: Lapgear Smart Media Exec Lapdesk

There are some nice options for you to consider when looking for on of these portable desks to use for this purpose. Follow me down the page and we will look at some of them together.

Good reasons to use a lap desk when computing

1) Health

There are the obvious reasons of having a sturdier platform to work on and to keep the heat of the laptop from getting too warm on your legs. This is more serious than it sounds. If you spend hours using your laptop on your lap, the heat may well interfere with your normal blood circulation. 

Having a lap desk that will keep this heat from your legs, certainly, will not harm you and it might actually prevent health problems in the future.

2) Laptop durability

Unfortunately, this one only counts if you pick the RIGHT lapdesk. A good lap desk won’t just be comfortable for you, but it will also help your laptop stay cool. I have selected both types: the kind that only helps you be comfortable with your laptop on your lap and the kind that will also cool down your laptop, not merely to keep the heat away from your legs.


Lapgear Smart Media Exec Lapdesk

This is a longtime best seller

Not shown here: you can also use this as a tablet stand, for when you’re watching videos for instance. 

As a lap desk it’s ergonomic and comfortable, with wrist support as shown. It won’t cool your laptop, but it will last. The cushions can be removed (and therefore cleaned) and it fits laptops up to 15 inch. 


Unique Styling

The way this laptop lap desk is styled allows for maximum cooling while working on any device that you might choose to sit on top of it. The channel in the back makes for a tidy way to keep your cables out of your way while working. You can also use a tablet on this very functional desk or you can place a laptop as large as 17 inches on it. That is pretty versatile, don’t you think? A nice gift for a college student, a person who travels a lot or for yourself.

This is the first lapdesk on my list that actually attempts to help cool the laptop, as well as protect your legs. Again reviews are mixed. To be fair, with a design like this, the cooling effect depends on the size of the laptop used. A larger laptop will get more cooling action out of this than a smaller one. 


Multi-Purpose Lap Desk by LapGear

I love this model of a lap desk to use with a laptop, notebook or even a tablet. The design is well thought out with some nice deep trays to hold other devices like your phone or MP3 player. That makes it nice to take along when you are traveling on business or pleasure. It also offers some side pouches that zip closed and provide some storage for other items like your chargers and other cables. The cushions on the bottom of this portable desk have little tiny beads that conform to the shape of your legs which makes it much more comfortable and gives more stability while you are working.

A 17 inch laptop will fit.


A Lapdesk That Supports Larger Laptops

The nice feature of this lap desk is that it is large enough to support the 17 inch laptops and notebooks. Of course a smaller model will work also. The styling allows for a titled work space and the cushions keep the heat from your device from your legs. It is styled in a faux leather which gives it the look of an expensive model and makes it easy to wipe clean when you need to.

Although overall this lap desk gets good reviews, a few people report that when used for hours at a time, the top gets so hot, the plastic warps and curves.

A 17 inch laptop will fit. 


Built In Mousepad (Logitech)

This one is so thin and lightweight that you can put it in your laptop bag when you travel. The feature that I like the best is the mousepad that can be pulled out when you need it or pushed in when you do not need it. The surface of this lap desk has an anti-slip texture to it so that you do not have to worry when you shift your legs under it that your device will go sliding off. This model works well with laptops or notebooks that are 15.6 inches or smaller.

Another lapdesk that protects the legs, but not the laptop itself. However, no reports of curving plastic on this one. And it travels well. 


Extra Storage

A simple design but really functional. This lap desk has an open concept that allows you to store your cables and other items beneath the work surface. The top has a texture to it so that your laptop does not slip around. A nice little handle provides an easy way to transport the desk when you need to take it with you. It can accommodate a laptop or notebook that has a 17 inch display screen and of course anything smaller than that.

Reviewers are happy at the cooling action in this lap desk: it cools both laptop and legs. However, the surface is pretty slick, so only laptops with rubber feet will stay put. Famously the Apple Macbook series will slide off. 

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