Heart Symbol Merchandize and Love Gifts

I’m a bit of a designer and I love this heart doodle featured against a concrete background. Don’t you? That red, white and grey just works so well, I think. It’s romantic without being tacky. To complement the sticker, mug and pendant I’ve made of this design so far, I’ve also shared heart inspired merchandise from other artists on Zazzle. Personally I think my design is rugged enough for a men’s valentine’s gift, and of course for women who aren’t into pink so much. 

Cups with hearts Heart Love Mug Red, Grey, White zazzle_mug
Heart Love Mug Red, Grey, White by me
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u bent hier zazzle_mugLiefde zazzle_mug
Love by BibleArt
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Heart shaped stickers Hart in Rood, Wit en Grijs zazzle_sticker
Hart in Red, White and Grey by me
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Rood nam Elegantie toe - pas aan zazzle_sticker
Red elegance – adapt to your personal event by SpiceTree_Weddings
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  Heart Pendant in Red, Grey and White zazzle_necklace
Heart Pendant in Red, Grey and White by me
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 Jewelry with love

Gepersonaliseerd Hart in de Halsband van het Zand zazzle_necklace
Personalized heart in the sand necklance by pmcustomgifts
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Love heart in red, white and grey zazzle_keychain
Love heart in red, white and grey by me
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Het Kader van de Foto van de valentijnskaart zazzle_keychain
Valentine’s Day by LovesMe_LovesMeNot
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Pink heart with stars to frame your own picture by Funcards Portugees Hart keychain zazzle_keychain
Portuguese Heart keychain by silvianeto

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