Kre-O by Hasbro is a series of construction sets very similar to LEGO. In fact, Lego pieces are compatible with Kre-o pieces (and vice versa).

Shown above: KRE-O Battleship U.S.S. Missouri Set (38977)

LEGO is Better

From a construction perspective, LEGO is clearly just a tad bit higher quality. Kre-o sets fall apart sooner and the pieces come apart more easily. This is also an advantage: you won’t need fancy tools to pry apart Kre-o pieces.

Kre-O is Better (i.e. more affordable and good enough)

Kre-o is also, as you would expect from a new competitor, cheaper than Lego. In other words: you get a more complicated set for the same bucks. When it comes to the minifigures, they’re slightly larger (1 3/4 inch as opposed to lego’s 1 1/2 inch). There are two kinds: ‘humans’ and ‘kreons’. The latter are from outer space! The have a slightly more complicated physic than Lego minifigures – with elbow joints and consequently arms that move in more directions. What’s more: there are ‘micro-changers’ – mini-transformers. 

Generally users are very happy with their Kre-o sets and the Kre-O Transformers add a dimension to construction toys that is new – not available from Lego. It’s not just that these are war-toys, but also that you can build a large war-robot from the same pieces that you can use to build a car, truck or fire-engine.


Transformers meets Lego – building construction toy with an edge!

Kre-O Transformers are real cool toys for boys for one simple reason – you get two toys for the price of one. Action Figure A Vehicle = lots of fun and excitement for the kids. Add to that the recent release of the popular movie Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon, and you have a Toy Line which is up North in millions of wish lists. Kre-O is a new line of construction Toys from the reputed Toy manufacturer Hasbro. The Transformers construction sets mark the launch of Kre-O building blocks. These mighty beasts/vehicles will surely be very popular during Christmas. Grab your pieces before the stocks run dry!

This set has the Optimus Prime KreO Robot which can be turned into a truck AND a battle station. Included are 5 small kreon figures and two motor cycles, all of which fit into the truck.


If you look carefully on the side of the trucks and the robot you can see why people compare these sets to Lego. The difference is clear though makes way less interesting giant robots :)

KreO Optimus Prime Transformer With Twin Cycles

This construction set s special, as it is a three in one Toy!!! Apart from assembling it as a Robot and a Truck – you can also use it as a Battle Station. Just detach the truck’s cab and your command center is ready! Certainly the top pick among the Kre-O Transformers sets for Christmas.

Recommended For ~ Children Between 8 and 14


KRE-O Battleship U.S.S. Missouri Set

An exciting and challenging set that rivals LEGO sets in complexity. Users note that it is fun to build, though some parts are more fragile than you would expect from a LEGO set.  

The only non-transformer on my list. 


KRE-O Transformers Bumblebee Construction Set (36421) Use the three hundred and thirty five Kre-O bricks to assemble the Yellow and Black Transformer Robot, or the cool looking car. The set also includes three cool Kreon figures – BumbleBee, Red Alert, and Driver. You can seat up to 2 of them in the BumbleBee Car!

Recommended For ~ Children and Teens Between 7 and 14  

 kreo-transformer-sentinel-prime-fire-truck KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Construction Set (30687)
KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime- FIRE TRUCK This robot turns into one of the favorite wheeled vehicles of boys: the firetruck. And vice versa of course. Is this robot really all that bad?  

KRE-O Transformers Autobot Jazz construction Set (31146)
The stylish robot can also be converted into an equally stylish car. As a bonus – this pack contains 2 Kreon figures – Autobot Jazz and Race Driver. Seat them inside the Car and get ready to blast the enemy!

Recommended For ~ Kids and Tweens Between 6 and 12


KRE-O Transformers Autobot Ratchet Construction Set (30662)
 Cool Kre-O Transformers set. This complete entertainment package includes one hundred and eighty seven Kre-O Bricks, two Kreon figures, stretcher, and fire axe accessories. A nice Christmas Gift indeed!

Recommended For ~ Kids Between 6 and 12


Transformers: Ultimate Kreon Collection of action figures

KRE-O Transformers Ultimate Kreon Collection (A4641)

NOTE: these are just the minifigures, NOT a complete KREO construction set. 

However, they do go well with other Kre-o sets, for pretend (war) play. 


KRE-O Transformers Starscream Construction Set (30667)
Our Warrior is all set to rule the skies – as a Robot or as an Airplane. He is one of my favorite Transformer, and I am sure kids who like Airplanes and Rockets will love to receive this Kre-O Transformer as a Christmas Gift.

Recommended For ~ Kids and Teens Between the Ages of 8 and 14. 

So, which do YOU think is better?

On balance I think it really depends on what kind of construction-toy project you want to take on. Lego has a more diverse collection of sets – from complicated architecture to Star Wars, advent calendars and tree houses. Kre-o has a more limited range, with sets aimed more exclusively at boys and their tendency to play war games. 

Finding Headphones For Aging Adults

When it comes to using a set of headphones, we all have different reasons for why we want to use them. Choosing headphones for seniors can present some different needs than ones that might better suited for younger people. Each individual, no matter the age, has an ear canal that is unique to their body and their own hearing. When it comes to adults who are aging there are some rather common requirements that come into play when choosing a pair of headphone, though. If they are not experiencing any hearing loss yet, the choices become easier. Let’s take a look at some good options for you or the senior adult in your life for headphones.

If you want to combine headphones with a hearing aid, you will want on-ear or over-ear headphones like the ones shown here. The ones that go IN the ear, may not be loud enough. 

high-fidelity-headphones-in-earAnother alternative is headphones that allow for independent tuning like the Sleek Audio SA1 High-Fidelity Rosewood Earphones . This means you can adjust the sound to the frequencies where you have most hearing loss – or the ones where you still hear most. You will probably need someone to help you adjust them to your needs. 

A set like these is really nice for seniors who have some hearing loss. They may no longer hear the lower frequencies like they used to or perhaps it is the higher ones that they have trouble with. This set allows them to tune the sound to what they need to get an overall better sound for their unique hearing situation. They can even be set to use wi-fi which will eliminate the danger of tripping over cords.

Common Hearing Loss Causes

There are different reasons for a person to experience hearing loss causing special needs for finding a set of headphones that will work for them. 

  • Age Related – changes can occur in the inner ear as we age causing loss of hearing. Tiny hairs that pick up sound waves can get damaged or die. Long exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss. Medical conditions like diabetes and even some medicines can be linked to not hearing as well.
  • Tinnitus – ringing or buzzing in the ears
  • Blockage – something causing the sound to be prevented from traveling from the ear drum to the inner ear

Any one of these might be experienced by a senior person and sometimes they will experience a combination of any or all of them.

bose-noise-cancelling-headphonesNoise Cancelling Headphones by Bose

Comfort Is Important To An Aging Adult

One of the most important factors to look at in any set of headphones is whether they are going to be comfortable to wear and use. Seniors may feel that the ear bud style of headphones is uncomfortable or even unnatural and would prefer not to use them. Of course, if they happen to use hearing aides the ear buds are not an option, either. Ear pads make a good option in either of these cases. Something that will sit on top of their ears, in other words.

You may think you don’t need the noise-cancelling part – but one of the disadvantages of hearing aids is that they turn up the sound of every noise out there. This helps listen to music while being able to avoid tuning up the background noise. 

Testedsound-isolating-earphone By Musicians

Similarly, these earphones were built with the music lover in mind and were tested by professional musicians for sound quality and noise reduction. It would seem logical to me with the sound quality being at an optimum they would be a perfect choice for a senior citizen to use especially if they have some hearing loss to contend with.

These can be worn instead of your hearing aids and will make sure you hear the music very well, without having to disturb the neighbours. 

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