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Best Simple Wooden Puzzles For Toddlers Wooden Puzzles Toddlers Love Are you shopping for the best wooden puzzles for toddlers? Puzzle are great toys for toddlers and children, and wooden puzzles really last. Puzzles are a great tool for teaching children about shapes, colors, animals, etc. and it also helps develop fine motor skills. They […] Read More


Teaching Your Kids To Build With Legos For Toddlers Is A Great Activity To Start Your Youngsters Learning To Buy Lego sets for toddlers and pre-school kids you are not only investing in a Great Toy you are also investing in your child`s early development by introducing practical building and coordination skills that your child will thrive on in […] Read More


Hindus today are spread over all continents in the world, and it would be wrong be clump them all together. However, many Hindus may recognize themselves in the gift suggestions given here.  Sari – The Most Feminine of Female Clothing Cool Valentine’s Day Gift for Hindu Women Sari – also spelt Saree – in my […] Read More


Valentines day has become a popular day all over the world: people of all religions celebrate it, including Jews of course. Traditionally Jews celebrate love at Tu B’Av, a celebration that falls in early August or late July. Those hot summer months are perfect for a wedding, for instance. On this page you’ll find love […] Read More


When buying a camcorder there are a few things to take into account: Digital camera’s can take video too, these days, so your teen may not need a video camera at all.  The result is that most affordable video camera’s on the market have very low user ratings: they just aren’t doing what people expect them […] Read More

Tibetan Eternal Knot - symbol of good luck

Jewelry to inspire from the main religious traditions for men and women I collected some very inspiring spiritual charms, bracelets, necklaces and pendants for you. They are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish and Muslim – I even found pagan jewelry. Hope you enjoy, and are inspired to add to your own jewelry box. Interfaith jewelry Letting […] Read More


Top 10 movies worth talking about: controversial debates and intriguing questions I love watching movies, however some movies are special: they make you think. Below are my pick of the best movies about ethical debates. Whether it’s ‘giving’, stealing from the government, euthanasia, illegal aliens, donors, lying and sex. Put like that it’s not that […] Read More


Holiday Season Hot Top Toy Wishlist of Most Wanted and Must Have Toys for Christmas Santa Claus is getting ready to wrap the top toys and gifts for Christmas. Have you told him what’s on your wish list? Kids love Toys, and Christmas is the time when they receive lots of them. This is a […] Read More

Lego sets for adults

Suitable LEGO Sets For Adults To Collect No matter what your age, LEGO Toys are fun to own, build and collect. There are even LEGOs specifically made for adults these days. I`m an adult LEGO Collector and it’s fair to say that I now have a lot more respect and love for the toy I […] Read More

Coolest Teen Gadgets

Cheap and Cool Gizmos and Gadgets for Teens Don’t know what to get a teen in your life? That’s why I’m here! I’ve done a lot of research finding fun gizmos to give teenagers, so you don’t have to. This is a list of fun educational gifts and gadgets suitable for younger and older teens. […] Read More