For Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays and Christmas. For men: spiritual birthday and Christmas gifts

You know the type: he’s kind, he’s sensitive… he’s the spiritual male. What can you give him for his birthday, Christmas or just when you want to let him know he’s appreciated?

For now I’m modeling this blogpost on my brother: what spiritual items does he use, what spiritual gifts has he appreciated in the past?

Depending on the faith of your man: boyfriend or husband

Not everybody is alternative like my brother. On these pages you’ll find valentines gifts for religious and spiritual men, by tradition.

Men and spirituality

Spirituality feminine?

A lot of spiritual products do seem more targeted towards women than men. I did some research about spirituality – and men are definitely under represented. Women are more likely to be vegetarian or want to be, for instance. Men want to seem tough – and spirituality just doesn’t sound tough.

But some men are brave enough to admit they have a sensitive side. Honest enough to know that it doesn’t diminish their maleness to think about the hard questions in life. 

On a previous version of this page I asked my readers what they thought about men and their spiritual side. One reader said, anonymously:

Men internalize their spirituality, because the minute you speak of it you loose the divinity. Silence, the call to the dessert, began with men in the middle east and far east where they pursued the cloud of unknowing.

619vXY2o8SL._SL1000_A Buddha statue – Gautama Buddha, Shakyamuni

I gave a Buddha statue to my brother and he was thrilled. They can be quite stylish, are never too feminine and they really say ‘hey, I’m a spiritual person’.

He can meditate on the Buddha, but he can also just say how artistic he is.

As this Buddha statue shows, we may think spirituality is more a feminine thing, but our role models are still mostly male – even when it comes to spirituality. 

incenseIncense – Fathers, brothers and male friends who want their home to smell nice

Yes, my brother burns incense. He loves the stuff so much, he insists on giving me some every other birthday or so. I have loads stacked in a cupboard somewhere. 

Books about men and spirituality – Male spirituality explored

I’m not sure this is what my brother would be into, but it’s a huge topic: how does male spirituality work? From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality More religious and spiritual books.

Thanka Painting, TibetThankas: spiritual artwork – Spiritual posters

Thankas are Tibetan artwork. They are painted on cloth that gets rolled up for easy storage. Again: I know my brother would love one of these.

Fancy Vegetarian Cooking

The men around me (my dad excepted) all seem to just LOVE to show off how well they can cook – for an audience. Day to day it’s still the woman in the kitchen. If your spiritual male is like that, one of these cookbooks might be great for him.

Does your spiritual man actually cook? I mean day to day, after a busy day at work? Either because he is single, or because he is wise enough to share the burden? Or perhaps you WANT him to take care of that side of things more?

These cookbooks have fast and healthy vegetarian recipes that taste good as well.

Gadget Gifts for the Kitchen

Cool and crazy kitchen stuff makes for some fun gift giving especially when there is someone on our list who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Gadgets and gizmos that will assist them in preparing food, that may not be something they would get for themselves and yet they are actually very handy to have. Personally, I don’t think one can have enough utensils in a kitchen but that may just be me. Sometimes it is just fun to give a gag gift that either works or makes someone smile when they see it.

Want to see some ideas for your gift giving needs? You might even find something you want to gift to yourself.

Featured Kitchen Gadget: Red Soap Dispensing Sink Brush [click to continue…]

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