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Mean Girls

Best Teenage Movies For Girls in High School These are my favorite high school movies. It’s probably a bit juvenile of me, but I always love a good teenage movie. And since I’m a girl, I guess these are the best teenage movies for girls, at least according to me. Please leave your own teen […] Read More

Fiction with lady scientists

Is there something in the air? I got my hands on two novels recently that feature a Victorian woman scientist. The first was a netgalley offering: Voyage of the Basilisk: A Memoir by Lady Trent (*). The other is The Signature of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Both are fictional, though with Gilbert I had to Google […] Read More

dark-eden-becket-biblical fantasy

I love fantasy and science fiction. On this page I have gathered together fascinating novels from the fantasy genre – though many have science fiction aspects to them.  First up – recently deceased Terry Pratchett. I have devoted a previous blogpost to him, so I will limit myself here with saying that his books are […] Read More


Religion and spirituality are often important to teenagers. Late teens especially have loads of questions about God, the meaning of life and lifestyle choices associated with all that. Here are some books to help them think it through. I’ve put up spiritual books meant for teens from Christianity, as well as more general ‘new age’ […] Read More


The most popular gifts for girls include a range of toys from electronics (Leappad Explorer) to Lego to Monster High Dolls. Here you will find new and updated versions of popular girls’ toys, plus some new releases that are bound to become popular best sellers. Many of these toys have made it onto anticipated best […] Read More


The Top Selling Holiday Gifts and Most Wanted Christmas Presents for Boys The most popular gifts for boys are featured on this page to help you choose great presents for the boys on your gift lists. Most of these most wanted toys are already best sellers but included are some toys that are selling fast […] Read More


Best Affordable Gifts For Your Teenage Guy What can you get for a teen as a gift that is inexpensive for Christmas? There are teen gifts starting under $10 that will work nicely as a small gift for them. The gifts can be something on the funny side or they can actually be items that […] Read More


Small Inexpensive Budget Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls Are you looking for cheap gift ideas for teenagers? Find affordable yet cool gifts your teen girls and guys will enjoy. I think we’ve all been in the situation where we had to purchase a gift for someone that we didn’t know well and didn’t have the […] Read More


Top Baby Dolls to Love and Nurture Are you looking for a baby doll to purchase for a special little girl in your life? Perhaps it will be her first baby doll and you want it to be special, one that she will love for years to come. Maybe you would like to make sure […] Read More

Spiritual Gifts for Men

For Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays and Christmas. For men: spiritual birthday and Christmas gifts You know the type: he’s kind, he’s sensitive… he’s the spiritual male. What can you give him for his birthday, Christmas or just when you want to let him know he’s appreciated? For now I’m modeling this blogpost on my brother: what spiritual […] Read More